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Price Comparison

We have all seen it, prices at the pump, department stores, and grocery stories are rising. In April and November of 2022 we went around the local area to see what beef is costing retail customers. We took the average amount of beef you get from a half cow and then compared to see how much that would cost you if you bought all those cuts from your local store. In the graph below you can see the results. You're not only getting a better quality beef from us, but you know where it's coming from and what care goes into it. Plus you're getting it at a better price!

April 2022

Price Comparison April 2022.png

November 2022

Price Comparison Nov 22.png

In November of 2023, we needed to raise our beef prices due to the increasing cost that we are unfortunately seeing nationwide. With this, we made sure to get an updated price comparison sheet comparing our cost per half cow to the grocery stores. Fortunately for our customers, we are still lower than most! 

November 2023


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Price Comparison Sheet

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