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What is a Traditionally Fed Cow

We're sure you have heard the varying positions from both sides of the fence on Grass Fed and Traditional Fed..  We are not going to tell you whether one is better than the other, however, here at Weller Beef we raise Traditionally Fed Beef. This type of beef is what you would get at a nice steak restaurant. We have found that the vast majority of people prefer the taste of traditionally fed beef over the gamier taste of true grass fed beef. So what does traditionally fed beef mean? 

Grass Fed

  • Only Eats Grass​

  • Leaner more muscular meat making it less tender

  • Gamier Taste

  • Animal takes longer to get to weight. Smaller overall

Traditionally Fed

  • Eats grass, hay (dried grass), corn, silage (corn stocks), and distillers  (ground up corn)

  • Corn comes from our own corn fields

  • Has a higher fat content and a higher inner muscular fat content (marbling)

  • Has the taste you would expect to get from any steakhouse

  • Animals reach weight faster so the meat is more tender.

How much Meat Does My Family Need?

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What is Traditionally Fed

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