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Grass Fed vs Traditionally Fed

We're sure you have heard the varying positions from both sides of the fence.  We are not going to tell you whether one is better than the other; we give you the choice. Here at Weller Beef you can choose how to have your meat raised and finished. Below are some of the points that are made for one or the other. We will tell you though, we have found that the vast majority of people prefer the taste of traditionally fed beef. At the end of the day for most people, it all comes down to taste. If you have tasted both you know the difference. If you haven't, there is only one way to find out.

Grass Fed

  • Higher in vitamins A,B, and E

  • Has no grain in its diet

  • Spends their life in the pasture where they walk more and take longer to get to slaughter weight, thus making the meat less tender.

  • Has less fat content

  • Does not have enough fat content to make meatballs and burgers out of ground beef ( fat from another animal can be added at customer request)

  • Has more of a purplish color and some describe as a slightly gamier taste

  • Due to diet these animals do not reach the same weight as a traditionally fed animal. 

Traditionally Fed

  • Has a higher fat content and a higher inner muscular fat content (marbling)

  • Has the taste you would expect to get from any steakhouse

  • Animals reach weight faster so the meat is more tender.

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Grass Fed vs Traditionally Fed

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