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The Goal of Weller Beef


Here at Weller Beef, the goal is simple - provide you with the best quality beef available!

 We want you to know where your beef came from, the care we put into it, and the people that made it happen.


We want you to have the best experience you can have while working with producers who care more about having a lifelong customer than selling you a one time product.

 We want you to trust us!

There are no secrets over here. Ask us a question, and you will get the answer!

Don't believe the answer?

Come out to the farm and we will show you! 

Continuing a Tradition

The farm Weller Beef calls home is rich in history and nostalgia of the local community. As early as the 1900's, the farm was dedicated to taking care of the community's working mules. During the 1960's to early 2000's, the farm was owned by AB Farms. They were a part of bringing the first cattle with Gelbvieh genetics into the United States from Germany. 

When we saw this farm's rich history, we knew we had to do our part to carry on its traditions, by restoring the farm back to its historically renowned beauty and productivity. We also believe in giving back to the community in things we have been blessed with. We have continued with the proud tradition of the local high school using "The Big Barn" as it is affectionately referred to, when they have their annual barn dance.  We help out the local schools and FFA organization, as well as, we will soon be helping to host premium registered Gelbvieh cattle sales.

Now, we can't forget about the real workers on the farm... all the ladies in the field who make everything happen.

And why Gelbvieh?


The Gelbvieh breed is known for being great mothers and milk producers. These two things we can all agree are important when it comes to having healthy calves.


The other reason we chose this breed is that it just felt right to help bring back the historical tradition of Gelbvieh on this particular piece of land.


In addition to the positives of the breed itself, we wanted to contribute to the traditions this farm had been known for in the past, and now for years into the future! 

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Rick & Coleen Weller


Growing up on a cow-calf farm in Sedalia, MO, Rick loved the day-to-day, sometimes not so fun, jobs of working on a farm. After putting himself through college he has worked for a variety of companies over the past 40 years. In 2005, Rick had the itch to get back to his roots and the way of life he grew up loving. He truly loves working with the cattle and wanted to feel that goodness again.  He also wanted to teach the hard-earned values he had learned early in life, to the next generation. That was the beginning of the Weller kids' learning about farm life and the hard work it brings with it, that you can be proud of. 


We all know the things our mothers think about. Mom wanted us to know how to do things for ourselves, to be moral and upstanding and to be happy with life's choices we make. When Dad got the itch to start the farm, Mom didn't miss a beat jumping right in, as they began with the farm lessons for their four children. She spends everyday keeping things running from behind-the-scenes; not to mention she's the barber, seamstress, gardener, chicken farmer and beekeeper. She will proudly tell you she is joyful and loves every bit of it. 

Jake & Dana Weller

If you ask Jake, he would tell you that he's not the smartest guy in the room, but he will sure work harder than the guy who is smarter. Jake enlisted directly into the Marine Corps right after high school. After completing several deployments to the Middle East as an infantryman, he decided to come back home (much to the relief of his mom I'm sure). Stopping at just good enough is something that he will never do. From the simplest most menial tasks to the overall well-being of the farm operation, he does everything in his power to get the job done as best as it can be done. 

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Luke Weller

Luke is the nerd of the family for sure. From a young age, Luke was fascinated with how machines work, particularly machines that made cut grass into 6ft tall bales of hay. In high school, Luke discovered engineering and realized that he could learn how to design the very machines that he thinks are so cool. He graduated from college with an agricultural/mechanical/electrical engineering degree. If something on the farm needs to be fixed, redesigned or a mechanical problem needs to be solved, Luke is there and already ahead of the game. Having experience in design & CAD, machining, electrical engineering, welding, research & development, and fabrication, he is sharper than most tools in the toolbox. 

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