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  • Is Delivery Available?
    Sure is! - If you live in Kansas City and the outlying areas, we will deliver it to you for free. If you are not sure if you are included in our delivery radius then reach out to us and we'll let you know. Outside of Kansas City Currently we are in the process of getting shipping figured out. We'll update you when we have it all lined up.
  • Can I Have A Heifer Instead Of A Steer Butchered?
    Unfortunately, No. All of our heifers are kept, bred and turned into momma cows so that we can continue to grow our herd and provide more great tasting beef for you!
  • Is The Meat Free From Growth Hormones?
  • Are The Cattle Fed Antibiotics?
    Never. None of the animals are given antibiotics in any food rations. If an animal gets sick, then they are given antibiotics individually to make them healthy again; just as humans do if we get sick! However, there are no residual antibiotics in the meat by the time it is butchered and we would never feed you a sick animal. No way!
  • Can I Have a Cow That Is Grass Fed Only?
    Yes! Please choose the "Grass Fed" option at checkout
  • Do You Ship Your Meat?
    As of now we have not gotten things set up to ship. We do however, plan to have shipping available and will update the site when we do.
  • What Are All These Differences In The Cattle Names?
    Absolutely glad to explain.....we forget not everyone knows these things. Cow - has already birthed baby calves - our momma cows Heifer - a female calf whether it is a newborn, a six month old, or a year plus old calf, which has yet to birth a baby calf Bull - a male whether calf or mature Steer - a male calf who has his testicles removed at a young age so he is unable to breed
  • What Is Dry Aging?
    By adding a 14 day time period where a refrigerated beef can hang dry before trimming and butchering, you are slowly adding to the controlled aging of the meat. By doing this, both flavor enhancement and gaining a more tender cut of beef are accomplished.
  • Do you spray your fields with chemicals?
    We do not. We don't spray pesticides or herbicides on our pastures or our hay fields. Our cattle keep them balanced.
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