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Starter Pack
  • Amount: 45 lbs of Beef.

    Cost: $450.00   (100 deposit now, 350 due at delivery)


    Perfect for those who are trying our product for the first time and those who dont have a ton of freezer space!


    *This pack will fit in the traditional kitchen freezer*


    This cart payment of $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required simply to reserve your pack. You will receive the final bill via email prior to delivery. 




    Unlike buying the larger amounts of meat, we do not offer customization of this package. Steaks come at the standard thickness of 1in and ground beef comes in packages of 1lb. We do this in order to streamline this package so we can keep them in stock and get them to you faster. In the description here, you can see roughly what is going to come in your starter pack, but keep in mind not every starter pack is exactly the same. Roasts and rib cuts will vary, however, all will come with a variety of steaks, roasts, ground beef and hamburger patties.



    Starter Pack

    • The starter pack contents vary per box but will generally include:

      - A couple of roasts, which can range from: Chuck Roast, Rump Roast, Arm Roast, Sirlion Tip Roast, or Brisket.

      -A handful of steaks such as: T-bone, Ribeye, Round, or Porterhouse Steaks.

      -Also included are Short Ribs, Stew Meat, Soup Bones.

      -All packs will include 20 lbs Ground Beef and about 5lb of Hamburger Patties.


    $100.00 Deposit Due at Checkout

    Remaining Amount Due at Delivery

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