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It's one thing to say we have full transparency with our customers, it's another thing to show it. We feel the best way is to allow customers the opportunity to see the farm for themselves. We're not talking about seeing the place from the road, but instead taking a drive through the different parts of the farm so you can see it all with your own eyes.


Not only is it great opportunity for the customers to see for themselves, we think it's also a great moment for parents to show their children that the food they eat every day doesn't come from a supermarket shelf wrapped in plastic.

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Set one up !


Please note, we can only do tours on an appointment basis. Since we don't have employees specifically to do tours, we arrange time to facilitate them in our normal work.  Otherwise, we're busy taking care of our ladies. Please send us a message that you would like to come by and we'll get a time set up. We look forward to showing you around the place!

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