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Quick Ship: Quarter Beef Box

Average Amount: 100 Pounds of Traditionally Feed Beef (Quarter of the Cow)

*The final bill is determined by your animal's actual hanging weight. We charge $5.00 per pound for traditionally fed.*


Quick Ship offers non-customizable, standard cut option for those who do not want to wait 3-6 weeks for their product


*Hand Delivered To Your Door For Free On Friday's*



This cart payment of $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required simply to reserve your order. You will receive the final bill via email prior to delivery. 





Quick Ship: Quarter Beef Box

  • ** This is only a rough extimate to give you an idea of the items included. Actual count will differ depending on the size of the animal which is why you pay by hanging weight, to give the most fair pricing**

    3ct - 3lb Chuck Roasts

    1ct - 3lb Arm Roast

    1/2ct - 5lb Brisket

    1/2 Slab  - Beef Ribs

    4ct -  Ribeye Steaks

    4ct- Rib Steak

    2ct  - Porterhouse Steaks

    4ct  - T-Bone Steaks

    3ct  - Sirloin Steaks

    1ct  - Skirt Steak

    1ct  - Flank Steak

    1ct  - Sirloin Tip Roast

    1ct  - Rump Roast

    40-50 lbs of 80/20% Ground Beef

    10lb of Hamburger Patties



$100.00 Deposit Due at Checkout

Remaining Amount Due at Delivery

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